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Band saw blades for stave mills

Munkfors is committed to providing the best band saw blades to stave mills in order for them to supply high quality oak staves for barrel manufacturing. Munkfors meets the demanding requirements in quarter sawing and always strive to improve with product developments to meet the future demands. There are many requirements that need to be monitored in order to produce the best barrels. This includes thickness, length, grain tightness, drying quality, joint dimensions, end checking, average width, humidity, planning quality, taper, joint smoothness and stacking precision. We know that our customers do their best to meet this, hence we need to do our work. This to uphold a good quality tooling to support smooth and correct production. Our modern quality control and production systems ensure our tooling to provide you with staves which can be efficiently crafted into the world’s most competitive barrels.

Stave mills
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Blade variations
Available dimensions
1.50" x .055"-MTT*38 x 1.40-MTT*
1.50" x .055" x 1TPI38 x 1.40-25mm
2.00" x .043" x 1TPI50 x 1.10-25mm
2.00" x .049" x 1TPI50 x 1.25-25mm
2.00" x .055"-MTT*50 x 1.40-MTT*
2.00" x .055" x 1TPI50 x 1.40-25mm
2.0" x .055" x 1-1/850 x 1.40-28mm