band sawmill blade

Munkfors - Sharpening your performance

Sharp results - every cut

Munkfors saw blades have been made in Sweden since 1948. With decades of production development and application experience, we have the products and quality consistency to let the end users have a reliable operation with sharp results for every cut.

Pallet saw blade
Rolls of Insulation cut by Munkfors Saw blades

Saw blades for higher performance, productivity and profit

Munkfors is well aware of how high performance can contribute to commercial success and customer satisfaction. For over 70 years we have concentrated solely on doing what we do best – producing world-leading band saw blades, slicer blades and band knives from outstanding Swedish steel that sharpen your performance to gain a more competitive edge.

Three men outside Munkforssagar, who started the production of Munkfors saw blades

Over 70 years of prosperous development

Founded in 1948, Munkfors have had over 70 years of prosperous development and is now led by the third generation Hallberg family.

Stacked pallet wood, sawn with Munkfors Saw blades

Sawmill Support

Our unique profile grinding gives you a band saw blade with a quality and performance that surpasses other brands, and with 70 years of craftsmanship in our blood, we know exactly what is required for your sawmill to work optimally. Through a purposeful and clear collaboration, we build up a collective knowledge of your production.