At MunkforsSågar, band saw blades are our specialty and we have over 70 years of manufacturing experience within the sawing and slicing industry. We produce band saw blades and slicer blades of the highest quality. Each blade is a precision tool. To maintain maximum function – you should follow a few simple maintenance rules.


Develop a fixed schedule for inspecting, cleaning and maintaining your sawing equipment.

Keep drive-wheels clean and check band saw blade scrapers regularly as a precautionary safety measure.

Always cut straight through the meat and never twist the band saw blade when operating. Do not push but let the band saw blade work itself through the meat with light pressure

Always use correct blade tension. Do not let it sway during operation. Excessive tension may cause the blade to break

Make sure the band saw blades are correctly fitted. Check and if necessary adjust blade guides. The blade should run in a straight line through the guide slot and not be forced in any direction.

Adjust the back rests to give the band saw blade support only when operating.

Never let the band saw blade scrapers come in contact with the saw teeth.

Download our Munkfors Blade care guide


Munkfors Blade care guide

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