Munkfors business policy

Whatever we do and wherever we are, there are always opportunities for Munkfors to make improvements to the way we do business so that we remain the preferred supplier.



We offer competitive selections for sawing, slicing & raspering – where the “cut” really matters and unnecessary waste is more than economical loss.

  • Satisfy and if possible surpass the demands and expectations of our customers
  • Work continously with improvments regarding quality, environment, occupational health and safety according to pre-determined targets
  • Contribute to an ecologically lasting development by economizing energy, rawmaterial and waste
  • Comply with applicable laws and other requirements relevant to our business

Our long-term goal is to “Sharpening your performance”. We aim to create success and progress with an environmental as well as a social and economic perspective – for our customers and us, for the environment, our region and the individual.

Our values spring from our history as a family business, where innovation, respect and “togetherness” is our foundation for continued/ongoing development – yesterday, today and tomorrow. Our focus is high quality, continued improvement and sustainability – all from a holistic point of view.