Production process

From punching every single blade in the late 1940’s, our production process has been developed into a top modern production line.  Automation and Lean have been key focus in order to provide our personnel with a good working environment and ultimately top of the line products.

Quality inspection


A high precision blade requires narrow tolerances throughout the whole production process. Material inspection is a critical process step and a necessity to retain the best quality.

Production process


Munkfors was the pioneer when developing the CNC profile grinding in the early 1980’s. The production method has been refined over the years and is one of the key factors in making a blade with consistent quality.

Hardening saw blade

Hardening and setting

The hardening and setting process enables us to give the blade its characteristics and end-functionality. This is crucial for the end users cutting operation and life time of the blade.



Munkfors offers welded blades as well as coils  . Our welding process has been tuned and optimized to ensure that the blades leave our factory with consistent quality.

Production process


Regardless of weather they are sent inland or by overseas transport, we always ensure that our coils and blades arrive to our customers in the same condition as when they left Munkfors.