Munkfors quality

To maintain the high performance of our products we apply rigorous standards of production and quality control guided by ISO 9001 procedures.


ISO 9001

The latest measurement equipment is complemented with personnel having long experience in inspecting and evaluating blade design, materials and function. All Munkfors manufactured blades are individually identified that allows complete traceability through the whole production line. Our department of quality and development works continuously in introducing and implementing new equipment and quality systems.

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ISO 9001 certificate

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Reasons to choose Munkfors

Reasons to choose Munkfors

If you go for the Munkfors brand your blades will have the perfect cutting and slicing abilities. Our optimized material treatment ensures a longer blade lifetime, which will lead to minimum downtime, less maintenance, a maximized yield, a clean and uniform final result.

Munkfors Quality running time

A bandsaw is only as good as its blade

High-quality blades that outperform conventional products can significantly reduce running costs.

Munkfors Lean production

Quality through lean

Munkfors has been working with the LEAN production ideology for several years, ensuring highest quality and optimized production flow. Quality permeates all the operations at ISO 9001 approved Munkfors.
Upon arrival, the strip steel is quality proved and measured. The material is thereafter ground and hardened before it is welded. All our blades are individually identified for complete traceability throughout the production process.

Sharp result – every cut.

The design, functionality, durability and
sharpness of our bandsaw blades provide
several major benefits, including:

  • Sharper blades
  • Cleaner cutting
  • Uniform cutting geometry
  • Longer blade lifetime
  • Minimum downtime
  • Minimal yield loss