band saw blade for carpentry

Band saw blades for Carpentry

We supply high-performance band saw blades of different teeth configurations for carpentry, manufactured from the best strip steel available, to ensure they cut easily through different wood qualities and products.

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Blade variations
Available dimensions
1/4" x .015"6 x 0.40mm
1/4" x .024"6 x 0.60mm
3/8" x .015"10 x 0.40mm
3/8" x .020"10 x 0.50mm
3/8" x .024"10 x 0.60mm
1/2" x .020"12.5 x 0.50mm
1/2" x .024"12.5 x 0.60mm
5/8" x .015"16 x 0.40mm
5/8" x .020"16 x 0.50mm
5/8" x .024"16 x 0.60mm
3/4" x .024"20 x 0.60mm
3/4" x .027"20 x 0.70mm
1.00" x .020"25 x 0.50mm
1.00" x .031"25 x 0.80mm
1.18" x .027"30 x 0.70mm
Band saw blades for Carpentry

Munkfors bandsaw blades will give you the right tool for the right job

Industrial carpentry demands consistently straight cutting, smooth and even surface finish to maintain tight design tolerances and minimize downstream processing, and uninterrupted production runs. This is why leading furniture and cabinet makers choose Munkfors bandsaw blades in their efforts to achieve smooth running, economical processing and high-quality products.

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