How to maintain performance

How to maintain performance

maintain performanceEach bandsaw/bandknife blade is a precision tool and should be treated with care and correctly installed.
You can maintain excellent blade performance and increase the blade lifetime by following the simple procedures described below.

  • Make sure that the blade is correctly fitted. Adjust the relevant parts of the machine/equipment to ensure the blade runs in the middle of the guide slot. Also make sure that the band teeth/ blade edge doesn´t come in contact with blade guides, running tables etc.

  • Always use the right tension for the blades; excessive or to less tension will shorten the blade lifetime and may cause the blade to brake.

  • When cutting food products, keep the machines drive-wheels clean and check the scrapers regularly as a precaution; do not allow the scrapers to come in contact with the blade teeth or blade edge.

  • Adjust the machines back rests so that they give the blade support only when it is running.

  • We strongly suggest developing a fixed schedule for inspecting, cleaning and maintaining your sawing equipment.